David Beckham Under Fire After Posting Pictures of His Daughter’s Buckingham Palace Tea Party

Ahhh, David Beckham. I love to look at him. Unfortunately, his hotness did not also come with a side of common sense, and never was that more evident than this week. The former footballer has raised the ire of the U.K. after posting photos of his daughter’s tea party at Buckingham Palace.

On Monday, Beckham and his wife, Victoria, both took to Instagram to wish their daughter, Harper, a happy 6th birthday. Except these weren’t normal pictures ”” they were snaps of the little girl inside Buckingham Palace.

All the photos and the captions made it look like the little girl had a birthday party at the Queen’s house.



NBD, just hanging out in the quadrangle.

There was even a photo of Harper and five of her friends meeting Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson.


The photos completely pissed off citizens of the U.K. Buckingham Palace is funded by taxpayers, and they were none-too-pleased to see the daughter of a celebrity getting special treatment.

david beckham you done fucked up
Image: Instagram / @davidbeckham
david beckham you done fucked up
Image: Instagram / @davidbeckham
david beckham you done fucked up
Image: Instagram / @victoriabeckham
david beckham you done fucked up
Image: Instagram / @davidbeckham

A Palace spokesperson confirmed that the tea party took place in Prince Andrew’s private residence. “From time to time members of the Royal Family who reside at royal residences invite guests to visit privately.”

The Queen’s former spokesman, Dickie Arbiter, lashed out at the Beckhams. “Is Buckingham Palace being opened up as a theme park? It devalues what the place is all about,” he told the Daily Mail. “Why can’t Joe Public, when they go in on the Buckingham Palace tour, have their pictures taken in the quadrangle? Why do the Beckhams get special treatment?”

David Beckham has responded to the criticism with an explanation of sorts. On another Instagram post, this time featuring Beckham, his mother, and Harper standing in the quadrangle, Beckham wrote, “Just to be clear this wasn’t the palace opening the gates for Harper’s birthday party, this was a tea party where us and other guests were invited so it was a beautiful thing to do with My mum, Harper plus a few school friends… We were honored to be able to there… Beautiful tea party….”

Yeah, but maybe next time you should keep a private event, you know, private.

(Image: Instagram / @DavidBeckham)

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