Dear Brides: It Is Not OK to Make Your Bridesmaids Diet Before Your Wedding

What would you do if your best friend asked you to be in her wedding, but stipulated that you would have to lose 15 pounds first, so your fat ass wouldn’t ruin her wedding photos? Hopefully most of us would find clever but devastating ways to tell her to fuck off, but for some reason the friends and family of a New York woman named Ashley Barton have decided to indulge her by singnig up for diets and bootcamps to lose weight for her wedding.

According to Delish, Ashley asked her entire bridal party to lose weight before her upcoming Hamptons wedding. Shockingly, she seems to have come up with specific numbers for each bridesmaid, which is worrying. Who sits there thinking, “Susan needs to lose five pounds, but Becky needs to lose 15, and Lucy should lose 7 and a half”?

Ashley is not the first bride to lose her mind and all sense of propriety at the idea of her “special day.” One bride actually asked her bridesmaids to chip in to buy her a $10,000 dress, insisting that the gift would be as much for them a for her, because they’d get to see her wearing it. Another tried to boot a bridesmaid from the party because she’d gotten pregnant and the bride thought she’d ruin the pictures.

Ashley’s maid of honor is a medical doctor in California, and she has apparently agreed to lose 15 pounds for the sake of her friend’s Instagram account.

“Wedding photos are shared more now, so it’s important to look good,” she told the NY Post.

Barton is including the bridesmaid who just had a baby in her weight loss demands, and everyone is also expected to wear hair extensions. She’s even trying to get one bridesmaid to get cosmetic surgery to “fix” an earlobe, because Barton wants the entire wedding party to wear a certain chandelier earring she picked out.

“I can’t have her in studs,” Barton said.

It’s not OK to make your bridesmaids diet for your wedding, and it’s tacky to ask.

Even worse than Barton, though, is a bride named Whitney Tingle who is a co-founder of a meal-delivery service called Sakara Life. She wants all her bridesmaids to diet before her wedding, and she wants them to use her $410-a-week meal delivery service to do it. Jeez. Lots of brides expect their bridesmaids to pay tons of money, but they usually don’t demand that the money be handed right to the bride. Usually that sort of thing doesn’t start until someone has a baby and starts selling nail wraps on Facebook.

Has anyone ever asked  you to do something crazy for a wedding? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: iStockPhoto / Deagreez)

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