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Frat Includes Awful Rape Joke In Meeting Minutes, Documenting How Horrible They Are

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frat-bros-beerFive American presidents are counted as past members of the fraternity DKE (or “Deke”), and I’m sure they’d be proud to know that their newly launched chapter at Edinburgh University not only makes rape jokes at official meetings, but includes them in their meeting minutes. After all, how else are you going to know which member proposed that the frat go on a “raping trip?”

Oh yes, that happened – and it’s all documented on the record, because that’s how self-aware these misogynists are. Here are some other wonderful things they did, according to the university’s student paper, The Student:

  • Booked a room for the meeting “for the fabricated purpose of hosting a ‘Mandarin study group.'”
  • Listed and discussed “Feminists” as an actual agenda item at the meeting.
  • Proposed a paintball fight between DKE and the university’s feminist group FemSoc. When the ex-president of the frat negged the idea, the genius who came up with it replied, “How are we going to rape them?” [emphasis added, because WTF]
  • A second member then chimed in, “Let’s go to Montenegro, for a raping trip.” [emphasis added again, because these men are monsters]
  • Joked that a school administrator raped a friend, to which another dude replied, “She didn’t need a strap-on!”

Oh man, how did these guys get through their meeting in one piece, with so many HILARIOUS jokes being made?

The brothers were also reportedly planning “a free ‘service’ called ‘Phone a Deke,’ which would provide safe walks to women who did not want to walk alone on campus.  Reports The Student, “According to the source, members joked about taking advantage of the women, some of whom would be intoxicated and vulnerable following a night of alcohol consumption. These alleged conversations are not recorded in the minutes.”

As Gawker points out, Yale’s DKE chapter was banned from campus for five years after they made pledges chant those timeless, honorable words: “No means yes, yes means anal.” So clearly, class and respect run through out all DKE chapters.

Look, I know people like to tout the merits of Greek life. I don’t know much about it as I didn’t go to a college with a Greek system, so I don’t want to declare all frats horrible even though… they all seem f**king horrible. But just because there were no frats and sororities on my campus doesn’t mean my school was exempt from binge-drinking, misogyny, rape, etc. It happens anywhere and everywhere, all the time. But it certainly does seem that the existence of frats only perpetuates the problem. Not only were these idiots dumb enough to say such horrible things, but they thought so little about the power and intention of their words that they included them for all to see. What went down in this meeting is just a taste of the larger culture DKE is cultivating, and I’ll happily go on the record and tell you that I think it f**cking sucks.

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