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A Dandelion Was Found Growing In A Little Girl’s Ear And I Will Never Sleep Again

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Whelp, there goes me being able to sleep every again. A little girl in Beijing, China was recently taken to the hospital where doctors discovered a fully grown dandelion inside her ear canal. EEEK!

The girl, who is only 16-months-old, was reportedly brought in after complaining about severe ear pain. According to reports from the Beijing Morning Flower, the plant had partially flowered and had grown to nearly 2 centimeters long and had to be surgically removed. The girl’s doctor, Gu Qinglong, claim that the flower had completely filled the ear canal and could have caused serious damage if it hadn’t been found sooner.

I was hoping that this story would be one of those ridiculous rumors you hear on the internet and that it would turn out to be untrue (much like the supposed “man-eating” anaconda photo that keeps resurfacing) but apparently it’s true.


All I have to say to this is NOPE.