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Easter Egg Hunt Goes Terribly Wrong When Family Discovers A Dead Body

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Body Found During Egg HuntA Knoxville, Tennessee mother found what has to be the worst thing you can find during an Easter egg hunt; a rotting corpse. Yeah, I think this makes those year-old stank eggs you misplaced from last Easter look pretty damn tame.

Tara Hanouskova was hunting for eggs with her four-year-old son when she noticed the distinct odor of decomposition.There had been a slight smell earlier in the week, but by the time the egg hunt rolled around it had grown far worse, finally stirring her to track down its source. She eventually looked under the crawl space beneath her home, and what she found was horrifying; the decaying remains of an adult male.

I would basically never stop making this face.

I would basically never stop making this face.

Authorities are saying that the man was middle aged, around five foot four inches tall and weighed approximately 170 lbs. He was fully clothed, and while police don’t think there was any foul play, they did reveal that the corpse had been under the house for at least two weeks. I’ll just give you a moment to let that sink in. Two. Weeks. Right under their feet. *Shudder*

Thankfully Hanouskova managed to get her son, who is a special needs child, away from the scene before he realized what was going on . Which is fortunate, because can you imagine how damaging it would be for a kid to go out expecting to see the Easter bunny, only to see their first dead body instead? Hanouskova expressed gratitude towards the 911 dispatcher and first responders, who made a point of being sensitive to her son’s needs by not showing up with sirens or flashing lights blazing.

“They were very respectful; they tread lightly,” Hanouskova said. “My son has no idea what happened.”

Authorities are still investigating the case, but have confirmed that the man died of natural causes. Hopefully this type of thing won’t become a Hanouskova family tradition.

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