Mommyshamed Footballer’s Wife Caroline Eriksen Is Being Bullied For Posting An Amazing Post-Baby Photo OF Herself

Mommyshamed footballer's wife

I think we sometimes forget that mommyshaming can go both ways. Yes, it often comes from sanctimonious women who want to make average moms feel like crap, but sometimes average moms can be the bullies to. I think this is what is happening to Norwegian footballer’s wife Caroline Berg Eriksen, after posting an amazing photo of herself in Instagram, just four days after giving birth.

Eriksen runs a popular fitness blog under the name “Fotballfrue” which translates to “The Footballer’s Wife. Obviously she is in excellent shape, and honestly that is something I respect. She posted the photo in question (above) on Instagram with the caption, ” I feel so empty, and still not…4 days after birth.” In another post she said,”I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl yesterday, 10 minutes past 9 in the morning. Her name Nelia and she is perfect.”

Other bloggers online have been less than kind to Eriksen. Writer Suzanne Aabel wrote on her blog that she wasn’t sure if Eriksen “even belonged to the same species,” and that the photo was “In my eyes, this picture is wildly provocative. Not just because I”m the chubby girl who’s envious of her petite figure, but because I began to despise my own body wen I was about twelve.”

Another writer, who goes by the name Heidi, said “Is it really necessary to post halvnaken pictures of themselves?! It’s just to show off, thinking’s not much on how that image can affect readers.”

Now, I understand having body issues. I’ve written about my own eating disorder issues numerous times here on Mommyish. So I am sympathetic to somoene feeling inadequate after seeing such an amazing photo. But unlike the “What’s your excuse” woman Maria Kang, Eriksen said nothing braggy about her body. Nor did she imply in any way that all women should look like her.

The truth of the matter is, as a fitness blogger, being fit is Eriksen’s bread and butter. She is basically paid to look like that. So I see nothing wrong with her feeling proud of her physique or showing it off. That’s her JOB. According to Eriksen herself, “I let out he picture because I’m proud of myself and my body for something as tough as pregnancy/birth and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be.”

I think she’s inspirational. Not for having a killer body (though she totally does) but for being so proud of it, even after the rigors of childbirth. I think we should all be a little more kind to each other too.


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