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World’s Classiest Dad Leaves Baby In A Locked Car In A Strip Club Parking Lot

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leaves baby in a locked car

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Contender for world’s classiest dad and all around Florida Man Andrew Sosa hit the shitty parent trifecta this week. First, he had his baby out late at night, which by itself wouldn’t be an issue (people have stuff to do and sometimes that stuff happens at night). Second, he left his baby locked in a car. Third, that car was parked at the STRIP CLUB he was hanging out in, probably wearing a thin pair of sweatpants to go along with his neck tattoo.

According to authorities, Sosa left his infant daughter alone, locked in his car outside of a strip club called “Lookers,” in Fort Myers, Florida. Thankfully a passerby happened to notice the baby and took action, first trying to find the car owner, and then smashing the window to get the child out. According to a report from NBC 2, the baby had been left in the car for over three hours and was covered in vomit. She had to be treated for dehydration, but should be fine. No thanks to her douche blanket, poor excuse for a father.

Obviously this fine, upstanding man was arrested and charged with child endangerment. His bond was set as $100,000, which is way too low in my opinion, and he appeared in court yesterday afternoon. Too bad they don’t arrest people for being morons.