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Creepy Arkansas Judge Leaked Charlize Theron Adoption Details And Trolled Online Message Boards

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1373563246-maggioI’m so naive. I have always assumed that hardcore Internet trolls were basement-dwelling, Cheeto-fingere’d, Gamer-fueld amped up dickweeds who were cranky their parents grounded them for downloading porno on the internets, when in fact an online troll can be just about anyone, including 52-year-old judges from Arkansas. This report is totally bonkers.

Circuit Judge Mike Maggio has been revealed as an online troll who posted sexist, racist and homophobic comments on Internet message boards. He also leaked details of Charlize Theron‘s adoption of her baby son from South Africa, two months before she publicized the information. Maggio has admitted the postings. From the Daily Mail:

I take full responsibility for the comments that have been attributed to me,’ Maggio, a father-of-five, said in a statement. ‘I apologize deeply for my lapse in personal judgment and for that, I have no excuse. The comments posted were not acceptable. These comments are not a reflection of who I am.’


Regarding the Theron adoption, he posted this:


So not only did he leak confidential adoption information, which is completely unethical, but he also posted a mess of doozies like this:

2014-03-02-22-07-25 and because he must be a fan of baby name judging, we have this:

The above screen grabs were taken from the website The Blue Hog report, who basically broke this story. The owner of the website, Matt Campbell has many more screen grabs showing a lot of terrible comments this jude has made about homosexuals, transgender people, and women. Maggio’s term as a 20th Judicial District judge expires this year. In the statement he asked for privacy for his family, which includes three sons and two daughters from a previous relationship.

The state’s Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission is investigating Maggio’s postings.

His circuit court seat paid around 140 thousand dollars a year. Unbelievable.