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Woman Had Her Vaginal Fluid Turned Into Perfume to Attract Men

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If 2018 is the year you’re hoping to find love, have we got a suggestion for you! Stop putting so much time and effort into dating apps. All you need is a little … vagina perfume? Bear with us, this plays out. A writer named Allison Ramirez conducted a bit of an odd experiment, and the results are pretty fascinating. She used her own, um, secretions to create a perfume. A vagina perfume. Her very own personalized vaginal scent. Listen, I’d try anything at this point. The pickings, they are slim.

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The idea of using a vagina perfume (of sorts) isn’t new. Pheromones pack some serious power, and there are examples throughout history of women using their own scent to attract the opposite sex.

Allison decided to test the theory in this day and age, albeit with a little more flair. With the help of Saskia-Wilson Brown, the founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction in L.A., Allison set out to create her own personalized perfume. Allison tested a few different essential oils and pheromone perfumes, including one called Civette. Civette mimics the scent of civet musk, an anal gland discharge from civet cats, known for its pheromonal qualities. Oh, look, it got weirder!

Allison came up with two fragrances. The one she ended up wearing was made up of cedar, rose, and a dash of anal gland secretions. Coming to a Sephora near you.

The final step was completed at home. Allison used a Q-tip to gather some of her own … scent. She then dipped this Q-tip into her customized perfume, and dabbed the mixture on her pulse points: neck, wrists, and cleavage. The results are fascinating.

A last-minute double-date with an old friend turned into a make-out session in a photo booth. Allison says that in between kisses, he BIT her (playful bites, not like, Hannibal bites). When she laughed and exclaimed, “You bit me!”, he replied that he couldn’t help himself.

“It’s that scent you have”, she recalls him saying. OH SHIT.

While wearing her vagina perfume, Allison says she had a couple more small victories. A cashier at her local McDonald’s was extra nice to her, and a casual date a few days later ended with a text inviting her to an upcoming football game. Was it the perfume? Or was Allison just on a bit of a lucky streak? It’s hard to know for sure. But if a little of your own juices give you a boost in the hellscape that is the dating game, I say go for it. We need all the goddamn help we can get.

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