Hilarious Dad Cracks Up While Filming Kids Slipping On Ice

dad laughs at kids
Rest assured, no one was actually hurt in the making of this video. So feel free to laugh. (YouTube)

Maybe I am a terrible person, but nothing cracks me up like watching people fall on their butts (as long as no one is actually hurt). Apparently I’m not alone, judging from the hilarious video below of one dad cracking up as he films various school kids slipping and falling while attempting to walk along an icy sidewalk.

The father, who we only know as “Alan“, who was waiting for his daughter to get out of school. decided to use that precious time to video tape (can we still call it that if you use an iPhone?) her fellow students busting their asses on the slushed up, ice filled pathway from the school.

The play by play is hilarious. It almost sounds like some kind of messed up golf commentary, with the guy whispering as if the people outside can actually hear him. And it’s hard to feel sorry for some of the kids, seeing as they keep walking over to the icy patch to mess with it. This video is schadenfreude as its very best.  The video goes on for almost six minutes, and I guarantee that it will be the best six minutes of your entire Sunday.

The best part? When he says “I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you,” and “Okay watch this kid, I guarantee that he’s going to drill it.”

Watch the video below. YOU’RE WELCOME.


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