10 Best YouTube Channels for Toddlers

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OK, so if you’re one of those “no screen time for kids” people, this ain’t the article for you. YOU DO YOU! No judgement. Maybe, honestly, a little bit of jealousy! I would literally run screaming from my house if my kids didn’t have screens to get them out of my hair on occasion. On the other hand, I’m not completely comfortable with letting my girls just cruise YouTube. There’s some really creepy stuff on there, even on YouTube Kids. But there’s also some really cool content, too! Toddlers especially love those silly sing-a-longs and learning vids. So I’ve put together a list of some of the best YouTube channels for toddlers, so you can catch a moment’s peace. Who knows, they might even learn something while you sip your still-hot coffee.

Some of the best YouTube channels for toddlers include some of their favorite characters.

1.Take Sesame Street, for example.

Your toddler can catch all their favorite skits and songs on this channel, which is full of sweet, educational videos. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably sit and watch along with them, because Sesame Street is the best.

2. Got an animal lover? Then they’ll love catching up with some creatures on the Houston Zoo channel.

Baby elephants and wild cats and sea turtles? They’ve got it all, and all of it is adorable and very toddler-friendly.

3. If your toddler (or you, let’s be honest) missed an episode of Daniel Tiger, no worries. PBS Kids has your back.

Daniel isn’t my personal favorite, but the toddlers, they love him. The PBS Kids channel has tons of great educational content, too.

4. Sometimes YouTube channels for toddlers are incredibly annoying, but good god do they love those Pinkfong! songs.

Baaaaaaaaby SHARK, do do doodoo do do! That song will haunt us all long after we’re dead and gone.

5. Ahhhhh, a CLASSIC: Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Gabba is like if toddlers were allowed to drop acid, and I am here for it. These videos are wacky, zany, and so damn cute.

6. Disney Jr. is another great channel for toddlers.

Fancy Nancy teaching the alphabet? I mean, I would watch that. OK … I totally did watch that. And I loved it.

7. My favorite YouTube channels for toddlers are the ones that disguise learning in all the fun, like WordWorldPBS.

The videos in this channel are all pretty old, but they’re still amazing. True story: Word World taught my oldest how to spell SEVERAL words before I even realized what was happening.

8. Real talk: the videos on Cocomelon freak me out, but my youngest LOVES them.

She actually sings the Yes Yes Vegetables song at dinner while she’s trying to choke down some broccoli. The graphics are weird, but the songs are helpful and catchy!

9. The Storybots channel is FANTASTIC.

Storybots is one of our favorite shows on Netflix, and the YouTube channel is full of new content as well as past episodes.

10. Some YouTube channels for toddlers aren’t necessarily for toddlers. But they’re still entertaining, like The Muppets channel.

Sure, some of the humor might go over their heads a bit, but it’s not inappropriate or anything. Just good, wholesome Muppet fun.

These YouTube channels for toddlers have a little bit of everything. And they’re even educational, so you can call it “homeschool” while they watch a few videos and you watch the news in peace.

(Image: YouTube/Sesame Street)