The Internet is Obsessed With This 6-Year-Old Caught Dancing on the Nanny Cam at 2 a.m.

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If I could have any wish in the world right now, I would wish for half the energy of this six-year-old boy caught dancing around the house at 2 a.m. He leaps. He cartwheels. He makes Tom Cruise’s dance in Risky Business look like a sleepy dirge, and he does it all on top of the family’s new sofa, which he is very much not allowed to jump on.


Dylan Wray’s father, Cody, runs an IT security company, and he had a security camera set up in his living room. One day he found that someone had sneakily unplugged the camera, so he decided to see what was on the tapes before the plug had been pulled. That’s when he turned on the camera and saw the video of Dylan’s star turn across the sofa.

“Every time we watch it’s still hysterical,” Wray told ABC News. “You want to be mad at him since he’s jumping on our brand new couches, but he’s just so cute.”

There’s nothing the Internet likes more than cute kids who don’t think they’re being watched, so the video Cody Wray posted to Facebook has been viewed nearly 100,000 times. Everyone loves this kid.

Cody says that Dylan had told them in the past that he sometimes “woke up at like 2 a.m.,” but they always just assumed that was the exaggeration of a 6-year-old. Apparently it was no exaggeration. He not only woke up at 2 a.m., he woke up and got down like Channing Tatum on 16 espressos. I would kill to know what music Dylan was hearing while this was going on. 

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