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12 Momcore Outfits That Are Actually Cute

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If you’re anything like me, you probably feel ashamed of your sad, pathetic mom style and the yoga pants that you wear day in and day out. But the good news is that you don’t have to anymore! If you’ve never heard of momcore before, you’re in for a real treat. Momcore basically means that all of the lame mom styles you once thought were so hideous are now en vogue. Thank God you’ve been saving those mom jeans from the 90s in the back of your closet.

It’s time to throw a ticker tape parade because house coats, muumuus, and even yoga pants are cool again. I know we’ve all been shamed for wearing yoga pants to the grocery store every damn day, but I still insist that yoga pants are a real item of clothing. #sorrynotsorry

These stereotypical momcore fashions make me want to dress like a mom every day of the week:

1. Urban Outfitters BDG Mom Jean, $59

21-year-old hipsters, you are right: These mom jeans are kind of cute.

2. Urban Outfitters BDG Seamed Mom Jeans, $69

Just when you thought Urban Outfitters couldn’t get any more hipster—behold, floral mom jeans.

3. Vintage Hawaiian MuuMuu Dress, $32.99

A mommy muumuu you won’t be embarrassed to wear in public.

4. Nordstrom ‘Freestyle’ French Terry Foldover Harem Capri Pants, $84

No one will ever accuse you of wearing lame yoga pants again because, HAMMER TIME.

5. Lace Yoga Pants, Etsy $48

Would a boring mom wear lacy yoga pants like THESE?

6. Missguided Drew High Waist Mom Jeans, $44.98

More sassy mom jeans that are hip with the kids.

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