10 Stereotypical Things Moms Really Love To Do

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Mom stereotypes are so annoying and terribly untrue! This is normally what I tell myself as I slip on my three-day-old yoga pants and get ready for a power walk around the block with my double stroller.

Let’s be honest. Mom stereotypes can be annoying, but they are also terribly funny when they hit close to home. Moms may complain about outdated stereotypes sullying their brand, but you have to admit that there are few stereotypical things moms secretly love to do:

1. Power Walk.

What? It’s a really great way to talk and burn calories at the same time, especially when pushing a baby in a stroller.

2. Wear Yoga Pants.

I prefer to do this while power walking, thankyouverymuch.

3. Wear Mom Jeans.

Okay, I’m not really on board because I think mom jeans should be killed with fire, but Eve Vawter just won’t let the trend die.

4. Shop At Target.

Where do you think I got my yoga pants, hmm?

5. Talk About Baby Milestones.

Teething is really boring, unless you have a friend willing to talk about it with you.

6. Gossip.

When you’re done talking about your baby’s first steps, it’s time for your next guilty pleasure—gossiping about annoying, over-sharing mom friends on Facebook. (My fave!)

7. Join The PTA.

Every mom rolls her eyes at the thought of joining the PTA, while secretly relishing her newfound significance at her kid’s school. Bonus, the PTA will always give you something to gossip about.

8. Drink Wine.

Moms and wine go hand-in-hand. In fact, moms should be given a super-secret discount to a special mom wine club in the delivery room.

9. Use Pinterest.

I’m a guilty Pinterest user myself, but it’s so addicting! Pinterest-mom-use pairs well with #2 and #8.

10. Keep Snacks In Your Purse.

Low blood sugar—the struggle is real.

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