Costco Is Releasing A Four-Foot-Tall Wine Glass, Just In Time For The Holidays

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4-foot tall wine glass

Image: Twitter / @brievictoria8

We love the holidays. The food, the decorations, the giving and receiving of gifts. They’re a time for families to come together and make beautiful memories. Or, they’re a time for being forced to sit across from that aunt you hate and make small talk that will inevitably turn into a massive fight over stuffing. SUCH A LOVELY TIME OF YEAR. A lot of us cope with the stress of the holidays with a little wine. Or, a lot a wine. The holidays are not for judging! If you’re facing spending some quality family time with your least favorite family members, you might need a bigger glass. A 4-foot tall wine glass, perhaps.

Costco, purveyors of all things large, is selling an actual wine glass the size of a large toddler. Is it for decoration? Is it for drinking? Who knows! We imagine there will be people who use it for both. Two guesses as to which side of the line we stand.

The 4-foot tall wine glass is in Costco locations around the country.

OK, so technically, it’s just under 4-feet tall. But like … why is this a thing? It’s marketed as some kind of decorative item. However, can we talk about having a giant glass object in your home? We can’t even leave plastic cups on the coffee table. Because kids. Where, exactly, does one display a giant wine glass? How many corks does the average person have lying around? What else could you possibly fill it with?

Well, it’s a 4-foot tall wine glass. We say fill it with what the makers of wine glasses big and small intended.

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Image: Giphy / Comedy Central

Just picture it: you’re at your in-laws for Thanksgiving. The topic of conversation turns to politics. Or maybe racial tensions! You know how your in-laws feel about it, ever since that one time they used a racial slur in casual conversation about pee-wee football. What are your options? You can take the L and move your plate to the kids’ table. Or, you can bust out your 4-foot tall wine glass, fill that bad boy up, and go ALL IN. Everyone will be so amazed and/or concerned by your glass that you’ll be able to get some good zingers in before wigs really start to fly. THEN you pick up your plate and your wine-glass-the-size-of-your-preschooler and move to the kids’ table. It’s a win-win!

The link to the 4-foot tall wine glass on the Costco website seems to be dead at the moment, and a quick search of the site turns up just regular-sized glasses (boo). But if you happen to see one when you’re out doing your holiday shopping, it could be the best $79.99 you ever spent.