Derick Dillard Goes All-In on Twitter Rant Against TLC and His In-Laws

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Yay, a Duggar fight! I don’t why this tickles me as much as it does, but I’m fine with that says about me as a person. Derick Dillard, disgraced Duggar (ha), took to the Twitters a few days ago in an epic rant against his in-laws and TLC. You may remember, Derick and wife Jill were part of the hit show Counting On, until Derick got fired for being an absolute dickweed to Jazz Jennings. In the now-deleted tweets, Derick threw everybody under the bus, and STILL, came out looking like the asshole. It’s a talent.

Derick Dillard deleted the tweets in question, but Radar Online managed to get them before they poofed. It’s not like Derick to delete, so I imagine the blowback from Ma and Pa Duggar was … unpleasant.

In the tweets, Derick claimed that he and Jill didn’t make a dime for their appearances on the TLC show that made them famous. I … don’t know how that could be? But, according to Derick, “We were volunteers and hadn’t been paid anything 4 the show.”

Derick also claimed that TLC refused to offer financial support to the couple when baby Sam was hospitalized.

Derick tweeted, “We even requested that they help with some of the medical expenses from the birth that they made a pretty penny on, but they refused to help cover any of those costs. It was close to a year before we made the last medical payment.” Again, I’m a little unsure why TLC would pay for his medical care. But, says Derick, it was the least they could do since “since they were making money off the birth special episode.”

So if Derick didn’t get paid, and Jill didn’t get paid, then … who got that money? Jim Bob and Michelle have some ‘splaining to do. In typical Duggar fashion, they responded to the hullabaloo with a bible quote.

Duggar’s are gonna Duggar.

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Thursday, March 8, 2018

I love me some Duggar drama. And, even though he deleted theses tweets, I feel like Derick might not be done raging. He doesn’t seem terribly bright.

(Image: Instagram / @derickdillard)