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10 Comments From Josh Duggar’s Supporters That Will Make You Want To Punch Your Screen

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6. Blame The Media!



And there it is! Instead of focusing on the repulsive actions of our little Joshie, let’s condemn the media for bringing this awfulness to light. Glad we have our priorities straight. Even more glad to see the same “he was just curious!” line being bandied about as if child molestation were somehow a right of passage for a healthy, young man. Excuse me while I go vomit.

7. Guys, Molesting Kids Is A Non-Issue!



He wanted a better story, People magazine! Can’t you get a more hellacious tale other than a teen boy allegedly sexually abusing his own sisters?! It’s a non-issue! Jesus effing Christ, I am honestly fuming and terrified for the world we live in. Yes, we are ALL envious of this filth-pot of a family. Please, keep spewing your wisdom for us, idiot internet commenter.

8. Welp, No One’s Perfect!



Again with the not judging bullshit. Guess what? People’s actions are not ever guaranteed to be free of judgment and calling someone out as the defective, slime-ball criminal that they are is not judging — it’s fact! It absolutely SHOULD be in the news because obviously, until it became news, no one was doing anything to help his victims. I’m glad this news broke and I’m hoping it leads to some big changes. Least of all, the canceling of their TV show.

9. Stop Making Them Look Bad!



Hahahahahaha. First of all, why can’t Duggar fans spell? Second of all, guys, can’t you see what GRACE they handled this with? It got dug out by the press and now look at all the GRACE that surrounds them. And yes, by each others’ side. Those girls, hand in hand with their alleged attacker. Isn’t that fucking poetic. I’m in a rage spiral now, I apologize for my anger.

10. Blame Satan, Ya’ll!



There is a REASON those files are sealed and why would anyone want to bring it up now? Uhhh because it sounds like the right thing was not done at the time of the alleged incidents and some people actually care about victims of abuse! Nobody has a right to tell him anything? So, if he wants to go be a child molester now as long as he owes up to God eventually, he’s all good? For real, lady. STFU. A youthful transgression, sure. That’s all it is. Or, again — a fucking crime.

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