Seth Rogen Didn’t Call His Mom for a Day, So She Blew Him Up on Twitter

Listen, when  your mom calls you, you call her back! If you don’t, and you’re Seth Rogen, she just might come for you on Twitter in front of your 7 million followers. Sandy Rogen hadn’t heard from her son for a day (A DAY LOL), so she did what any mom in 2017 might do: she tweeted him. Oh Sandy. As a mom, I love this so much.

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Seth Rogen, you need to call your mom back. Or hit her up in DM’s. Throw her a bone, man.

“Where are you?” No greeting, no preamble. Just tell me where the hell you are, son.

Mom’s will find you, believe that. Gonna let my calls go to voicemail? Cool, cool. Lemme just fire up the ol’ Twitters.

People were LOVING Sandy’s tweet, and many could commiserate with having a mom who will track your ass down. We carried you, we birthed you, you will return our goddamn calls.

OK. Well that seems … extreme.

Being yelled at in sign language seems brutal. Fast hands!

Some helpful followers offered up a few excuses for Seth to use, to explain why he didn’t call her for a full day (a day, a single day, still laughing over that).

Very busy, mom! Doing businessy things! Busy!

Probably not what he should tell his mom, but hey, busy is busy, right?

Everyone is concerned, Seth.

The call is coming from inside your timeline!

Honestly, the entire thing was beyond adorable. And it just goes to show, you’re never too old for your mom to grab you by the ear and drag your ass home. Let this be a reminder to everyone: call your moms and dads and sisters and brothers and grandparents back. When love comes a-callin’, pick up! Or if you don’t, make sure the caller doesn’t have a firm grasp on social media.

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