25+ Great Coloring Books For Kids That Encourages Learning

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Milk + Mustache Compound Words Coloring Book

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Image: Etsy / MiniLouKids

Oh, compounds words are so much fun to come up with! When our little ones come home with homework involving compound words, it can be a joy to watch them come up with them! This miniature coloring book is a great way to start your little one on the right path! This coloring book clocks in at 5″ by 7″, making them great for travel activity. With beautiful illustrations on all twenty-three pages of this “mini-book,” there will be no shortage of fun had when coloring these compound words, and learning as they go along! So grab a box of crayons and your little one, and learn about compound words again! Want to buy it? Get it from MiniLouKids on Etsy, $3.99

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