(UPDATE) Douchebag ‘Bro Sends Me An E-mail To Mansplain How I Don’t Understand The Rape Culture Of Tarpon Springs

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Tarpon Springs Rape Case Victim Blaming



As a writer on the Internet I get a lot of e-mails. A lot. Back in the day when I used to write for print I rarely got letters, but writing on the Internet is a totally different medium, and all our readers have to do is fire off an e-mail giving me their opinion on something I’ve written. I really love this part of my job, and even when someone disagrees with me I appreciate someone taking the time to do so in a polite, articulate manner. Plus, sometimes people send me placenta drawings.

This weekend I received an e-mail from one of our readers, a 19-year-old named Dylan Fanelli who took issue with an article I wrote about an alleged rape that has occurred in Tarpon Springs Florida and the rape culture social media aspect surrounding the case. I have included Dylan’s e-mail in bold, and my response on what he has written below:

I recently looked at an article in the tampa bay times concerning jared and noticed a very rude article title on that caught my interest so I decided to read it,

Hey Dylan ! Thanks for reading. I always appreciate when people read my work, especially concerning rape and rape culture and how alarmed I am at how teens are discussing rapes and alleged rape cases on social media.

being a 2012 graduate from tarpon high and being the man accused of rape last year when I did not commit that crime nor was i punished due to me telling the police the true story and them using evidence to find out i told the truth, while the girl who accused me lied to them.

Wait.. whaaaaaaat? So Dylan, you were also accused of rape but all you had to do was tell the police your side of the story and they decided all was cool and you didn’t really rape the girl who said you raped her because the girl was a “liar?” Mmmm – kay. I’m not 100 percent sure that a guy previously accused of rape is someone who fully understands rape culture — but if you say you didn’t really rape that girl and the police fully investigated this then I will take your word for it. But just so you know, I turned on my Google machine and Internet creeped you anyway.

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