Teen Charged With Murder After Hitting A Cyclist And Tweeting About His Love Of Idiotic Driving

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cody hall charged with murderPeople like this kid scare me to death. Cody Hall, who is 18, was very fond of posting Tweets saying stuff like “Come on a death ride with me” and posting photos of his speedometer clocking high speeds. he also referred to his car as a “death trap.” I’m sure he would have happily been living his life, driving like an asshole and endangering everyone, until he struck and killed a woman riding her bike. From The Huffington Post:

Cody Hall, of Pleasanton, was being held without bail after he was charged Wednesday with the murder of 58-year-old Diana Hersevoort, the San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Tribune reported.

Hall was going more than 80 mph in a 40 mph zone when he hit Hersevoort and her husband along a busy boulevard in Dublin on June 9, prosecutors allege. Hersevoort’s husband only broke an arm, but she was killed.

An analysis of Hall’s driving record, along with Twitter posts in which he discussed how fast he liked to drive, persuaded prosecutors to change the charge to murder, the Alameda County district attorney’s office told the Chronicle.



I have a teenager who is just learning how to drive and stuff like this makes me so nervous. I’m not crazy about driving to begin with, but the idea of my easily-distracted teen getting behind the wheel really freaks me out. I know he will follow rules and speed limits but I also have to worry about people like Cody Hall being out there on the highways too.

( Image: Pleasanton Police/twitter)