Mom Allegedly Discovers A Live Worm In Her Kid’s Capri Sun Juice Pouch And Understandably Freaked The Freak Out

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Mom Finds Live Worm In Capri Sun Juice Pouch I think Maria still has me and everyone else beat for the most disgusting story ever reported on Mommyish award, even though this one comes pretty close, but because I know you guys love you some gross stories I have to share this one with you. A mom in Howell Township did what so many of us moms do when she gave her 18-month-old a juice pouch to drink, she sucked some of it down first. Show of hands! Who has done this? Of course we all have because we all know the second a kid squeezes the pouch, juice flies everywhere and even though us moms live to clean up sticky messes all over we are proactive with juice boxes. At one point I even bought some of those juice box cases to insure my kids didn’t squeeze them. But when the mom took a few sips from her kid’s juice box she felt something come up through the straw and it was so not juice. From Livingston Daily:

Emmie Field usually takes the first sips of her son Carter’s Capri Sun drink because at 18 months, he has a tendency to spill it when it’s full.

She’s never been more glad about that than Sunday, when she sucked up what appears to be a white worm through the thin yellow straw.

“I spit it out in the sink,” she said. “There wasn’t enough mouthwash in the world to get the feeling out of my mouth.”

The Howell Township woman said when she called the company, representatives tried to pass off the worm as mold, but she said, “Mold doesn’t have a head like this or wiggle.”

Like mold is any better! Ugh. I love how they argued this with her. I think most people can sort of tell the difference between a worm and mold. And looking at this video, this is a pretty active little worm.

Laboratory officials contracted by Kraft Foods are set to visit Field’s home today to test the worm, which she said is still moving in a sealed plastic bag.



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Guess who has a bunch of Capri Sun juice pouches in her pantry all ready for back to school time? This mom! I’m sure if this worm is actually a worm, and ya know, it sure does look like a damn worm to me, it was an isolated incident but my days of taking a sip out of my kid’s juice box or pouch are long over.