10 Reasons Tacos Are Way Better Than Mother-In-Laws

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taco tuesday with mother in lawI have a confession. As much as I love taco Tuesday (and I DO love taco Tuesday), I feel dirty writing about how tacos are better than mother-in-laws. I’ve mentioned before that my mother-in-law is the greatest mother-in-law of all time. Better than all the other mothers-in-law put together.

I did nothing to deserve this good fortune, and yet I have it anyway, a rare unicorn-like creature that does not ever judge me or passive-aggressively gaslight me into feeling like a bad mom. I had to rely on some hard-hitting research in order to write this, and I just want to say: Linda, if you’re reading this, I would choose you over tacos almost every time.

1. Tacos never finagle information about your unborn child’s sex out of your ultrasound tech and then tell everyone even though they know it’s supposed to be a secret.

2. If tacos start to get on your nerves, you can smash them up and make a delicious taco salad. If you smash your mother-in-law up, that’s a felony, not a delicious treat.

3. Tacos will never complain that your husband had his whole life ahead of him and could have married that nice neighbor girl down the street–until YOU came along.

4. Tacos are more delicious with something tasty like hot sauce on them. Put hot sauce on your mother-in-law, and that’s just one more thing for her to hold against you.

5. Tacos will never make passive-aggressive remarks about why you aren’t pregnant yet.

6. Your mother-in-law will constantly insist that no one knows her baby (your partner) better than her. I have never met a taco that does this.

7. Tacos will never make passive-aggressive remarks about why you are pregnant again.

8. You can smother a taco with queso or crema mexicano. Again, smothering your MIL with anything is a felony.

9. Your taco will not insist that it knows how to parent better than you. Tacos don’t insist on anything, except being eaten. Tacos do not have lips and can not talk.

10. Tacos do not judge your cooking. Tacos are your cooking.


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