‘Clueless’ Cast: Then And Now, Through The Years

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Image: Paramount Pictures

The year was 1995. High school kids all over the country flocked to the theaters for yet another movie about high school students. But this movie was different. This movie was campy and extra and fashionable. It was about rich kids living the good life, but kids we could somehow still relate to based on our own experiences. The clothes were to die for, the music was the soundtrack of our lives. We walked out of that theater different than when we walked in, and with a new vocabulary that we still use today. Some adults didn’t get the movie, but we did. That movie changed the way we look at life, at our teenage years, at the future. That movie? Was Clueless.

Even re-watching Clueless now, years removed from high school and those dreaded teen years, it holds up. It’s one of the most clever movies we’ve ever seen, and aside from some of the fashion, it hasn’t aged a day. Clueless introduced us to a whole different world but never made us feel like we didn’t belong. It certainly wasn’t our personal experience, but it still felt very geared toward all teens. One of the things that made it such a huge hit was the cast. From main characters to supporting roles, every single person cast was perfect. It’s been nearly 24 years, and we’ve all since grown up. But that movie and that cast will forever be our favorites. Let’s take look at where the cast of Clueless is today.

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