If You’re A Wine Lover, These Adult Capri Suns Are Exactly What You Need This Summer

wine pouches
Image: Instagram / @highkeywine

Listen, we love wine as much as the next person. But it can be a bit inconvenient! Especially now that we’re transitioning into summer. Summer means a lot of time spent on the go and outside, at BBQs, pool parties, and play dates. You can’t very well haul a bottle of wine out every time you and your friends need a refill. So the new wine delivery systems (ha!) that have been coming out are a great alternative. Wine in a box, wine in cans. Portable, easy-to-open, no mess ways to enjoy a glass or two of wine at the park or a summer concert – you can’t go wrong! But if you’re looking for an even easier wine option this summer, look no further than wine pouches. These things are going to be a big hit at your next block party.

Wine pouches are basically Capri Suns for the legal drinking age set.

Bootleg wine pouches and adult Capri Sun hacks have been all over Pinterest for a while. But who has the time?! If we don’t have time to open a bottle of wine, we certainly don’t have time to make our own damn wine pouches. Leave it to the experts at High Key Wine Co. to take the legwork out of your portable wine. These geniuses have created the ultimate in summer cocktails, and we need to try all of them, like, yesterday. These wine pouches are great for taking with you wherever you do. The pouch is durable and the built-in straw makes them spill-proof, which is important when you’re chasing your toddler away from the duck pond.

The High Key Wine pouches come in a variety of options.


You can get wine pouches in Sweet White, Semi-Sweet Rose, and Dry Rose. Each pouch is resealable, and like we mentioned above, comes with a straw to prevent spills and splatters. The wine pouches hold approximately one medium-sized glass of wine, and they have an ABV of 12%. You can get a six-pack for about $20, so they won’t break the bank either. Just think of the possibilities! Going to outdoor concert that’s BYOB but bans glass? Wine pouch. Summer pool party and you need to bring the booze? Wine pouch! Camping trip and need to pack light? WINE POUCH.

We’re not saying these adult Capri Suns are the answer to all your problems. But they are certainly the answer to your summer-cocktail-on-the-go problems. Cheers!

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