Indian College Library Bans Dogs, Oh – And Also Women

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aligarh muslim university library bans female undergraduatesFinally, a university in India is willing to take the practice of ensuring young men can enjoy their education free of distractions caused by women being all up in their educational business. Not content merely to enforce a dress code on female students, nor to segregate male and female students into separate areas, Aligarh Muslim University has gone the extra mile and completely banned female undergraduates from the main library. Along with dogs, of course. At last, someone is giving those poor boys the learning conditions they deserve!

Before we get too smug in our America #1!!! comfort zone, let’s take a moment to remember that our colleges and schools also don’t have the best track record on treating girls like people to be educated, instead of like walking distractions to the real (male) students. Girls get sent home from school, they’re made to wear ‘shame suits’ to embarrass them in front of their peers (because THAT’S not distracting to anyone’s education, I’m sure), they’re even separated into special classes that treat them like “Math Is Hard” Barbie dolls. So we’re not exactly winning the ‘don’t be a douchebag’ Olympics over here. Aligarh is just taking things to the logical next level by kicking women to the curb completely.

While all the university’s graduate students and all the male undergraduates are allowed entry to the library, the female undergraduates are not, and university Vice Chancellor Lieutenant General Zameeruddin Shah explained to students that, obviously, it’s a simple matter of space:

The issue is not that of discipline, but of space. Our library is packed. There is no place for even boys to sit.

No place for even boys to sit! Oh my god! Sure, because locking the doors to the roughly 2,500 undergraduate women, out of the total student population of 30,000, is sure to make a big difference, because as we all know, women are shaped like Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloons and take up roughly a hundred times the space of the average adult male. (It’s not clear what percentage of the student population is canine.) Shah doubled down on his comments by explaining that it wasn’t just the women themselves who were the problem, but the flock of slavering males sure to follow them: “If we allow girls into the library, there will be four times more boys.” Gosh, it sounds to me like maybe he needs to ban boys from the library, if they’re there just to ogle women instead of to buckle down and study?

Shah’s comments, and the policy itself, have come under a great deal of criticism from anyone with a functioning brain stem, and especially from female AMU students themselves, who see equal rights to the main library, instead of just the under-supplied Women’s Library, as a major issue in their access to education. Even India’s Minister of Education, Smriti Irani, has weighed in; her office sent the Vice Chancellor a written reminder that this policy is not merely horrible, but also a human rights violation. Hmm. Has U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan written a missive to American school districts and universities to remind them that it’s a human rights violation to send girls home and deprive them of education on the off-chance that a teenage boy might pop a boner in his Levi’s at the sight of a bra strap? Somehow I don’t seem to remember anything like that hitting the news.

(Image: NDTV)