You Better Run! Girl Scouts Chase Down And Punch Out Cowardly Thieves Who Stole Their Cookie Money

girl scouts

Girl Scout troops who park outside supermarkets luring you over with their cookie boxes have never struck me as being in any significant danger. Sitting behind their table, a mother or two always present, those little girls seem to always be in good company when I start eyeing that tasty thin mint box. But at a Walmart in Houston, Texas, Troop# 29152 could barely believe when a man suddenly reached over and yanked their money box. The perpetrator reportedly hopped into a car — with a driver — and the two sped off. However, you better believe that two Girl Scouts weren’t taking this theft sitting down.

Rachel Johnson, who has been selling cookies for nine years, and Iravia Cotton ran after the criminals all the way to the car. According to the police report, Iravia was able to get the passenger door open and started punching one of the men. Rachel attached herself to the bumper of the car — even after the thieves drove away. She was eventually shaken from the car and suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

The two men have yet to be caught for their $200 robbery and the troop is still, at present, responsible for the funds that were stolen. And at $3 a box, these ladies have a lot of cookie money to replace.

Although it’s not terribly shocking that two grown men took it upon themselves to rob Girl Scouts of their hard-earned funds, these young ladies should be commended for acting quickly and going after the money that was rightly theirs. While I don’t condone the violence Iravia engaged in, or the safety risk Rachel took by attaching herself to the car, the determination of these two scouts to take back their money box speaks highly of the GSUSA at a time when they’re taking a lot of a heat. The organization may be receiving lots of controversy for allegedly being “pro-abortion” and “pro-lesbian,” but if GSUSA is churning out girls who aren’t afraid to stand up against petty thieves — they’re clearly producing some excellent young women.


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