Choosy Moms Choose Raw Milk, Or Fight For It At Least

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[ooyala_js id=”xtZXZnMjruWLIhkYTF8M9eb9rVktsa67″] Mary Katherine Ham went to the recent Raw Milk rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and filmed the experience. What’s fascinating is the number of moms who became activists over the issue. They don’t care if other mothers choose pasteurized milk for their families. But they just want the right to consume raw milk for themselves.

Actually, raw milk is a term of art. What these activists want is the government to stop forbidding the sale of unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk. If you’ve ever spent time on a farm and wondered why the dairy products tasted so good, the freshness probably played a key role.

It’s kind of like sushi. Can raw fish consumption be super dangerous? Absolutely. Should people be forced to have their fish only one way: raw? Of course not. But if people want some suhi or sashimi, should the FDA really ban it since it can cause harm if not prepared properly? Don’t even joke about taking my fatty tuna roll, okay?

Anyway, not living near a farm myself, I don’t imagine raw milk or other dairy products are going to hit our dinner table any time soon, but I applaud these women for attempting to stand against regulations that limit freedom of choice for their families. What do you think? Are you a fan of raw milk or not? Do you think it’s healthier to drink raw milk or less healthy?