Johnson & Johnson Making Yet Another Recall: Baby Tylenol

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Baby Tylenol Recall 2012Can you keep up with all the Johnson & Johnson recalls lately? It was only a couple of weeks ago that Johnson & Johnson announced that they were recalling Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion after US regulators found an “excessive” amount of bacteria in a specific lot of the product. This recall was announced not long after allegations that the classic Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo caused cancer.

So what is the company recalling this time around? Another staple product for babies everywhere. Infant Tylenol. Specifically the grape kind in Baby Tylenol Recall 2012.

Reuters reports that parents recently contacted Johnson & Johnson regarding a dosage flaw in grape-flavored liquid infant Tylenol. The company has since recognized the flaw and is now recalling 574,000 bottles of the product. Associated Press has described the dosage problem as:

The medicine bottle comes with a syringe and has a protective cover, or flow restrictor, at the top to help measure the right dose… [the] restrictor has been pushed into the bottle in some cases when the syringe is inserted.

The company maintains that no “adverse events” have been reported.

Still, with a little more than 40% of Mommyish readers no longer planning to purchase Johnson & Johnson products after the first two recalls, this can only hurt the brand more. And with a little over 30% of our readership saying that they never purchased Johnson & Johnson products in the first place, the question remains of which parents are even using this brand anymore for their kids.