‘Cannibal Cop’ Mom Shows How Blind A Mother’s Love For Her Child Can Be

Being a mother is hard. I imagine being the mother of an accused potential cannibal serial killer is even harder. While the rest of New York City breathes a sigh of relief that the “Cannibal Cop” was caught before he could carry out his plans, his mother is stuck on semantics.

”Look it up in the dictionary, the true meaning of ”˜cannibal’ is that he ate human meat,” Elizabeth Valle, 57 told the New York Daily News. ”He hasn’t eaten a human being!” She then expressed outrage that she hasn’t been allowed to see her son since his October 24 arrest.

”My son is sitting in solitary,” she said. ”I haven’t seen my son. I haven’t spoken to my son! Do you think that’s fair?”

Well, yes. I mean, he had very detailed plans to kidnap, slow-cook, and eat several women. He even planned on making a Thanksgiving feast out of one of them. The Los Angeles Times reports, “Prosecutors said some of Valle’s on-line conversations with a friend included the idea of getting ‘some girl meat’ in time for Thanksgiving. ‘It’s a long way off, but I’m getting the plan in motion now,’ Valle allegedly wrote, adding that he knew where his intended victim lived and would ‘grab her from her house.'”

”This is a parent’s worst nightmare from one day to the next, and no one seems to care,” she told the Daily News. ”If I had money to hire a good defense team, my son would be out by now.”

Sorry – no he wouldn’t. His arrest took place after an intense investigation by the FBI and the New York City Police Department’s internal affairs division. They have pages of correspondence between Valle and his twisted co-conspirators. Not to mention the fact that the case is just a little more chilling considering he was a NYPD officer, who would have had an easier time approaching suspects because we are all conditioned to trust the police.

It is understandable that this mother does not want to believe her son would be capable of committing such acts. To be fair, he hasn’t been convicted of anything yet. As a mother, I can’t help but feel a little heartbroken regarding her deep, deep denial about the person her son may really be. But to be honest, my extreme relief that this monster was caught trumps those feelings.

(photo: Africa Studio/ Shutterstock.com)

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