Super Angry Kim Kardashian Fans Get Punk’d By Fakeout Baby Snaps, Release Their Fury On Facebook

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Kim Kardashian once again fooled everyone  a few people who care when she posted a pic of her cradling a baby on her Facebook page, with the caption “Love these precious moments.” But the REAL Kardashian fans were having none of it, so they all quickly determined that this baby was actually an old-school picture of Mason, who belongs to her sister Kourtney. That Kim! Such a jokester! But her legions of fans are getting restless and furious that they have yet to see any photos or appearances from the spawn of Kim and Kanye (Who, because I love talking about post-baby daddy bodies, is looking like a total lardass these days) and they have taken to her Facebook to get real complain-y about it (I know complain-y is not a real word.) Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 5.54.21 AMRabid Kim Kardashian fans are pretty much my new favorite thing ever.

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Comparing Duchess Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian is sort of like comparing apples to oranges, but like super orange oranges that also got famous for making a sex tape.



Wow, “grows up and hates you?”






Yep, just sayin’…





Unacceptable! Kristen, you are so NOT “leaning in” here.


Haters best stop hatin’ because GOD put women on earth to get pregnant!


She can get SUPER TINY again! She can do this with a trainer or dieting or surgical procedures.

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And this guy is my favorite. You know, new dad, just hanging out on Facebook, attacking celebrities he will never meet, being all sanctimommy.

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