A ‘Concerned Christian Mom’ Made an Anti-Trans Rap Video, and You Won’t Believe How Awful It Is

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The “rapping mom” genre of YouTube video was bad enough on its own, but now one woman has singlehandedly ruined everything that was good and fun about goofy, harmless singing parent videos. Not only is her singing and her video worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” she doesn’t have half the charm of the Holderness family on their worst day. And on top of all that awfulness, her repugnant “rap video” is actually a poorly constructed, half-rhyming screed against trans kids being allowed to use the bathrooms for the gender they identify themselves as.

According to Raw Story, Christian mother and amateur rapper MH Wiebe from Alberta, Canada, describes herself as “a concerned mom,” and she is so frustrated by new legislation in Alberta that allows trans kids to use the bathrooms for the genders they identify as–side note: Yay, Alberta!–that she decided the best way to fight was to pray, and to drop an anti-trans rap video.

It’s awful. If you imagine a terrible video of a mother rapping badly, this is worse than what you are imagining. I almost want to tell you not to watch it, both for your own sanity and for the sake of denying her clicks, but this is like the video from The Ring: I saw it, and now I have to make sure other people share it or else my head will explode.

Guys, she rhymes “mother of three” with “children can pee.”


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And then she posted this on the Internet so we could all see it! What did she think was going to happen? Did she see the Holdernesses’ swanky house¬†and decide she needed to get some of that sweet, sweet, rapping mom money? Because I don’t think a very slow and nonfactual rap about how there are no LGBT animals in nature is going to do anything but make her a laughingstock, not even when she takes a deep breath and belts out the hook:

“This is just a fender bender

All over sex and gender

Why make reality skewed

And create identity confuse”

It’s not exactly Hamilton.

Even the YouTube commenters are too bewildered by the awfulness of the video to excoriate her properly. Half of them seem to be focused on condemning her bigotry, and the other half her horrible song.

“How can anyone be this bad at rapping?!” said one.

“Your flow is whack. Oh, and your morals are shit, too,” another snarked.

The transphobic message is the worst thing about it, but the rap itself is a pretty close second.


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