These Costumed Instagram Babies Will Make You Want a Set of Twins and a Photography Degree

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 Guys, I am in love with these babies on Instagram. These little babies and their little arms and legs are a new hope in a dark and lonely world.

These babies are Lauren and Leia, a set of baby girls in Singapore whose parents, Amber and Peter, are really, really, ridiculously good at taking cute pictures of babies. Peter enjoys photography, and Amber handles the styling and creates the vignettes, and Lauren and Leia do all the heavy lifting by just being insanely cute and making the best faces I’ve ever seen.


Making the baby pictures was fun for them, and Amber and Peter told TODAY that they started putting them on Instagram to share with friends, family, and other parents who might think they were fun. Now, of course, they’re becoming very popular. The twins’ Instagram account has more than 164,000 followers.


Leia and Lauren are “MoMo Twins,” or Monoamniotic-Monochorionic twins, which means they are identical twins who shared one amniotic sac and one placenta in the womb. It’s a rare condition that carries high risks, so Leia and Lauren were delivered two months premature and weighed only about three and a half pounds when they were born.

Leia and Lauren are both a lot bigger now that they’re 8 months old, and Amber and Peter said part of the reason they were sharing the twins’ photos was to raise awareness of “MoMo” twins online. These pictures could actually do a lot of good in that respect, because when I looked up the condition, some of the first responses were panicked pregnant ladies on baby forums looking for assurance that things would be OK with their own MoMo pregnancies. If I were a worried pregnant lady concerned about my fetuses, seeing these pictures of these cute, healthy babies would make me feel a lot better.