Jerk Teenagers Rob a Mother While She’s in the Middle of Nursing a Baby

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nursing babyBreastfeeding in public is legal, and for many mothers and babies it is totally necessary. But this week it made one mother a target, and for once her attackers weren’t just some cranky boob-haters making a fuss about public breastfeeding.

According to ABC News, a Texas mother took her two daughters to the mall this weekend. While the girls were inside a salon getting manicures, their mother sat down on a bench outside the salon to feed her baby. She had her stroller next to her and her diaper bag at her feet. While she was breastfeeding, though, she noticed some jerk teenagers giving her odd looks. At first she thought they were just being weird about her breastfeeding in public, but apparently they spotted her and thought, “That lady has a baby stuck to her boob. I bet she can’t chase us!”

While she was sitting there nursing her baby, the teens ran by, grabbed her diaper bag–which contained her keys, her wallet, and her phone–and ran out of the mall as fast as they could.

It’s tough to chase teenagers while carrying and nursing a baby. Even though witnesses tried to catch the pair after they heard the mother screaming, the teens reportedly got away.

I would genuinely never have thought this was a concern. Obviously a person looking to snatch a diaper bag could take one from a bottle-feeding mother just as easily as a nursing mother, but I think what surprises me the most is that someone would steal a diaper bag. They aren’t exactly sexy. You might get a wallet and a phone, but other than that you’re probably just getting diapers, and maybe some crushed animal crackers and a spilled toddler pouch. 

Knowing what’s in my wallet (not much) and in my diaper bag (nothing sanitary), I’d almost feel sorry for anyone who snatched it.