10 Places To Buy Cute Kid Clothes With Prices That Won’t Make You Weep

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6. EBay

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Designer baby clothes from J Crew and Bonpoint and Ralph Lauren used to make me want to cry, because I could not afford any of that stuff. Who spends that much money on something a kid will wear twice before outgrowing? But then I realised that drawback negative is also the best thing about designer baby clothes: Kids outgrow them quickly, and that means eBay is littered with like-new designer baby clothes. (I saw Beyoncé’s baby, Blue Ivy, wearing a pair of adorable flowered Doc Martens that sell for over $100. I was disappointed until I checked on eBay and found the exact same pair, worn once, selling for $20. I didn’t buy them, but it felt good to know they were there.)

7. Old Navy

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I am a dumb old snob who had no idea how cute the stuff at Old Navy could be. Look at this little chambray romper! It is sold out now, but it single-handedly made me an Old Navy convert. When indulging in late-night baby clothes shopping, do not neglect Old Navy.

8. Zulily



My cousin who has the best-dressed child I have ever met in my life has a Pinterest board that is about 70% things she has found on Zulily. It’s a flash sale site that has lots of kids clothes, and I try not to look at it too often because there is almost always something I want.

9. Carter’s

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I know people tend to think of Carter’s as the place you just buy bland, pink and blue basics and onesies with weird sayings on them, but there is some seriously good stuff in there, and a Carter’s sale cannot be beat. I was given a $50 gift card once and left with like 15 things from the clearance section that all look super cute. (Again, don’t just look in the girls’ section or the boys’ section. The cute stuff comes out when you branch out into other departments.)

10. Craigslist

Because baby clothes are so quickly outgrown, you can find desperate moms on Craigslist who will practically pay you to take their giant bags full of baby clothes away. You might not get a say in what the clothes look like, but Craigslist will let you dress your baby for a year for about the price of a Big Mac.

Where do you find cute kid clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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