Gallery: Ten Celebrities Give Their Reasons For Being Childless By Choice

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Celebrity reproduction is a huge industry. With websites devoted to Hollywood pregnancy and starlet offspring, celebs are constantly pressured to explain their choices about having children. We here at Mommyish feel pretty sympathetic towards these celebrities, because hey, awkward questions suck! Unfortunately, actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz seem to be regularly harassed about the contents of their uterus and just when they’re going to procreate.

Choosing to be a parent is a big commitment. It’s a wonderful experience, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. So why do we make our stars explain their choices as if they are in some way deficient because they don’t have kids? The fact is, no one needs to have children to be an amazing actress or a good person.  I wish that reproductive choice wasn’t seen as a character trait by so many. Then, celebs wouldn’t have to give these explanations for their personal decision whether or not to have kids.

Even though it shouldn’t have been asked, I have to admit that these stars handled the situation well. Some, like Ellen and Portia, let the whole thing be a joke. Others, like Ms. Diaz, were amazingly candid. No matter what their approach was, I’m happy to see so many standing by their decision.

Celebs, we promise never to be those journalists. No matter what your choice, we’re happy for you!