The Wiggles Are Retiring: 8 More Children’s Shows That Should Call It Quits

The WigglesThe Good News: The yellow, red and purple Wiggles have decided to hang up their mock turtle necks and retire from annoying parents everywhere.

The Bad News: Disney is replacing them with three new Wiggles and continuing on with this obnoxious show.

Want proof that the show should have just gone the way of boxed DVD sets? They announced their retirement by saying that they were “handing over [their] skivvies to a new generation of Wiggles.” I think that sentence proves that the next generation doesn’t really need Wiggles or their skivvies. It’s been 21 years since these monochromatic men jumped into children’s entertainment. I think we can let them rest in peace.

While we’re at it, The Wiggles aren’t the only show that should move out of the way and let Yo Gabba Gabba take over the kids’ television world. Here are a couple other children’s staples that are really past their prime.

Don’t hold back, let me know which children’s television show you cringe at. Which of your kids’ favorite TV characters do you never want to hear from again?

(Photo: MamaMia)


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