Morning Feeding: Meet Parents Changing The World Using Social Media

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Parents making a difference through their social media platform.   (Babble)

Why one mother believes every teen girl should get an IUD.   (The Stir)

New York vs. Mississippi on how to handle teen pregnancy.   (DoubleX)

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives birth to baby boy.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

The latest trend in celeb baby names.  (

What Kristen Stewart and Monica Lewinsky have in common.  (YourTango)

Giveaway: healthy snacks delivered right to your door.  (YouBeauty)

Geena Davis on Thema & Louise and how that movie empowered women.  (HuffPo Women)

Ladies, have you ever used these things to put you in the mood to masturbate?  (The Frisky)

Mental health: being diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and where to go from there. (The Hairpin)

(photo: Anetta / Shutterstock)