If I Throw A Sucky Baby Shower, I’ll Never Be Able To Show My Face Again

scaredThis is no small task, but I need to throw the best baby shower known to man. A close friend of mine is due in May with her second baby. She was a little skittish about the idea of having a second baby shower, but I wanted to do something nice for her, so I basically forced her into it.

The thing is I have really big shoes to fill. Another good friend threw a baby shower for me with my first son. It was around the holidays in December since I was due in January, so we made it a Christmas theme. I also debriefed her about my irreverent attitude toward baby showers”” i.e., I normally hate them.

I said absolutely no games (besides a drinking game in baby bottles and bobbing for apples) and lots of booze so that the guests would actually be happy and not bored. It was also a coed shower because I find girl-only showers a little blah, but that’s just me.

Anyway, my good friend went all out because she is Martha Stewart in disguise. She really, really likes party planning, and she ordered me this epic baby shower cake:


When this friend ever gets pregnant, I feel like I need to throw her a parade or name a star after her or something to pay her back for the awesome party she threw me.

But back to my currently pregnant friend. I want to throw her an amazing baby shower because A) I like her a lot and B) I feel like I truly didn’t grasp how important baby showers can be to pregnant women until I had my own kids.

In retrospect, I threw a pretty lame baby shower for a pregnant friend about six years ago, far before I had kids. When I think back on how lackluster it was, I get pretty embarrassed. Now I understand just how celebratory a shower can be. Since I’m done having kids, I get even more excited in the planning process because BABIES! (Also, she’s having a boy!)

So, I am sending out an SOS. Please HALP. If you have any amazing baby shower tricks up your sleeve, I must know them so that I can plan the best baby shower the world has ever seen. No pressure.

(photo: Getty Images)

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