Bristol Palin’s Fiance Holds Baby Near An Unsecured Handgun, Says It’s ‘Just How We Roll’

The Palins have become something of a national joke with the way they conduct themselves in the public eye. Sarah Palin herself has made numerous media gaffes over the years, most recently, posting photos of her son standing on top of the family dog incurring outrage from animal lovers everywhere. So far, no other Palins seemed to be putting anyone else in real danger but it looks like that streak may be over and done with. Bristol Palin became engaged recently and her new fiance, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, was pictured holding an infant right next to an unsecured handgun. As you do. Here is the picture in question:

gun photo

(via Dakota Meyer Instagram)

Meyer has not apologized or even acknowledged that what he did was potentially dangerous. He posted the photo on Instagram and when a user called him out on it, he had the following to say — via The Raw Story:

Dakota Meyer ”” a former Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama in 2011 ”” had the gun called to his attention by ”angi_mann,” who wrote ”[j]ust love the fact that there is a pistol laying on the little table behind you #hahaha.”

”Angi_mann that’s just how we roll haha” he replied.

Just how we roll. Sure, no problem. An unsecured and possibly loaded gun within a foot of a baby. The argument could be made that as an ex-Marine, he is always carrying and he took it off and set it aside while holding the baby. It still doesn’t make it ok. And maybe this infant is not mobile yet, but this photo is still incredibly unsettling. Not to mention, we don’t know if there are other children in the immediate vicinity.

One would think that a family as pro-gun as the Palins, constantly fighting off detractors, would make an extra-special effort to appear safe and in-the-know when it comes to firearms. Apparently, their ignorance and arrogance outweighs all of that. I know Meyer is not technically a Palin but clearly, they share similar values and he is engaged to one of them. Of all people, a former member of the military should know how dangerous a gun can be and that they should not be unsecured anywhere near a baby or child. This photo, frankly, pisses me right off.

As for Sarah Palin’s opinion on the true dangers to society? Hollywood’s fault, obviously. A young man being totally irresponsible with a firearm in the presence of an infant is apparently no big deal:

Bristol’s mother frequently speaks about how gun owners are mistakenly characterized as being irresponsible. At the 2010 convention of the National Rifle Association, for example, she complained that Hollywood was to blame for depicting gun owners as irresponsible. ”Hollywood should look to its own business and clean it up, and then they can tell us how to live our lives,” she said.

Well, Sarah — the thing about Hollywood is that those guns are fake. Here is your future son-in-law, holding a baby near one that appears to be very real. How about you look to your family and “clean it up” and then maybe all of us sensible folks will stop clutching our pearls about the idiotic way you seem to lead your lives.

(Image: Shutterstock)

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