Bristol Palin’s Decision To Televise Her Toddler Now Biting Her In The Ass With Custody Suit

Massey and palin pink hot dogs 190811Imagine that after splitting up from your partner, your every parenting mistake was available in 30 minute segments on Lifetime. That your every whoopsie! moment was at the mercy of a team of editors to either center an entire episode around or leave on the cutting room floor. Such is now the dilemma of Bristol Palin, who after putting her toddler on television might perhaps lose custody of him.

Following the collective Internet’s whiplash at young Tripp saying the “f-word” to his aunt and receiving no discipline, TMZ reports that everyone’s favorite deadbeat daddy, Levi Johnston, is pissed. After watching his son’s f-bomb on national TV, the father is suddenly concerned for his son’s well-being saying that he is “disgusted” by the way Tripp is being raised by Bristol. He also added that his son is receiving “no real parenting.” Considering that Levi hasn’t reportedly dropped a penny in child support in two years, I think we have a severe case of pot calling the kettle black. But let’s roll with his reasoning for a second:

Levi tells us, Tripp “deserves a better family” than what Bristol and the rest of the Palins are providing — adding, “I love my son more than anything … and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way.”

Levi has apparently helped himself to quite a heaping pile of paperwork from the Wasilla courthouse, which he plans to file for full custody of little Tripp. While Levi is no doubt jumping in as the “concerned parent” for the sake of snagging a few headlines, Bristol’s decision to put her toddler on TV — and therefore subject her every mommy moment for producers’ manipulation — made that venture for Levi all the easier. I’d call “first time parents” move on this one, but it’s probably more like a “desperate, fame-seeking parents” move.

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