University Of Texas Reminds Female Students To Cover Up Their Distracting Boobs

college-dress-codeIf you thought just high school-aged girls were being shamed for the clothes they chose to wear to school – nope! Adult college women are being shamed, too. The University of Texas School of Nursing has a bunch of posters in place reminding women that they are salacious creatures who must be covered at all times, lest their male peers be distracted from learning.

A Jezebel reader sent a shot of one of the posters into their site today. The poster reads:


Revealing clothing must not be worn

while in the school of nursing building.

It distracts from the learning environment.

This is followed by a list of clothing items that are not allowed:

Midriff-baring shirts

Short shorts

Short skirts

Low-rise pants

Low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage

Pretty sure this list is just directed at women, since midriff-baring shirts for men have not been in style since the eighties. It’s infuriating when these types of dress code limitations that single out females exist for high-school girls, but even more infuriating when a college feels comfortable directing the wardrobes of adult women. I just love the message that men are wild beasts who can not control themselves or focus around a hint of skin. Almost as much as I love the message that women are responsible for this lack of focus, so they should just cover up, already.

It is not acceptable to shame a woman for what she wears. Where are the DON’T LEER AT WOMEN signs reminding male students that making women feel uncomfortable by staring at them or treating them like objects distracts from the learning environment? Oh, they don’t exist.

By the way, do you know what the temperature is in Austin today? 95 degrees. Make sure you wear your long pants and high-necked shirts ladies. Because that makes sense.

(photo: c12/ Shutterstock)

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