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Sarah Palin Is A Moron If She Thinks Hillary’s Impending Grandma Status Will Make Her Pro-Life

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Sarah-PalinSarah Palin is speaking again, because we apparently haven’t figured out a way to stop words from emerging from her mouth-hole. This time she’s talking about abortion and Hillary Clinton. Palin hopes now that Hilary is going to be a grandma, she’ll abandon her fight for a woman’s right to choose, because that makes total sense.

From USA Today:

“Just knowing that her daughter Chelsea is pregnant with a baby — it’s a real baby — it’s not some disposable something, and I know that will be controversial,” the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said in a TV interview airing Wednesday. “But those who, perhaps, they’re in this position now as a parent or a grandparent, they realize the sanctity of life, how innocent, how precious it is. And of all places it should be in the womb that these babies are protected. So maybe even on a social issue like that she’ll open her eyes.”

Oh, totally. Hillary isn’t a political figure any more; she’s a grandmommy-to-be! I’d like everyone to take a moment and try to remember the last time you were made aware of a male politician’s grandparent status. You won’t be able to. It doesn’t happen.

Hey Sarah! I don’t know Hilary personally, but I’m going to guess that the child in her daughter’s womb isn’t going to make her abandon everything she has fought for and believes in – one of those things being a woman’s right to choose. I’m going to also guess that the 50 percent chance of the “real baby” in Chelsea’s womb will be a girl, is going to make Hilary fight even harder to ensure that her future granddaughter will have the right to bodily autonomy. Those are just just guesses though. Maybe she’ll be struck by the magical-grandma-right-wing-anti-feminist-bullshit fairy and start agreeing with you. That could happen.

I’m not surprised Palin would use Chelsea’s pregnancy as an opportunity to get throw her anti-choice rhetoric around. She’s pretty wily – if she realizes what she’s doing. Implying that a powerful political figure like Clinton would change her views because of her impending grandmotherhood is absurd. Pro-choice women don’t thing “babies” are disposable, they just believe women have a right to decide when to have them.

Sarah Palin is an enemy to all feminists. She calls herself a feminist, while at the same time doing her very best to strip rights away from women. Also, she really thought she could see Russia from her backyard in Alaska. She needs to go away now. Or at least stop making political commentary.

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