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TGI Friday Open Thread: Tell Us All Your Creepy And Bratty Kid Stories

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Bratz-LogoI don’t think my kids are brats, but I’m sure every mother feels this way. My kids, growing up, weren’t really prone to tantrums or big grocery store scenes or freaking out when I told them no. They have always been sort of laid back about things. But boy oh boy throughout my life have I encountered some kids who could be described as being bratty (or worse, but because I’m a nice person I won’t describe them as being raging little fuckers, but you can be assured I am thinking that.) I’m not talking about kids who are just overtired or cranky or hungry, I’m talking about awful monster children.

The other day, our lovely (and hilarious) reader Kay Sue shared a horror story with us in the comments about what she witnessed a kid do, and this coupled with Julia‘s feature today has me thinking about bratty kids and other creepy kids and the worst things you have seen kids do.

Growing up, I saw some kids throw firecrackers at some birds.

I also had some creepy little boy put gum in my hair.

As an adult, I have had strange kids kick me, and some kids I know (cough) tell me they hate me because I wouldn’t buy them something or because I asked them to put on a coat. I have seen one of my own kids punched in the FACE because they didn’t share a toy fast enough.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us all about the brattiest and creepiest kids you have ever known.

As usual, if you don’t have a story to share tell us about your weekend plans and what you will be doing. Are you helping address a ton of tiny little Valentines for your kids to hand out in class. Going to see The Lego Movie? Doing laundry? If so, I am with you. But in the meantime, before all that fun happens, I get a cocktail and get to hear your brat stories.

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