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Back To School: 10 Reasons I Can’t Wait For My Kid To Start School Again

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happy kids back to schoolI love school. I loved it when I was little, and I love it now, when it brings with it the promise of eight hours of relative solitude and pantslessness. My daughter also loves school, which means that I have little to do in the way of pretending to get amped up in order to get her amped up. She’s so sick of my face right now and so bored of chlorine that she keeps asking me how many days are left until school starts. Five, child. Five long, never-ending days until we are out of each other’s hair for the next nine months, which is long enough to gestate this food baby I’ll start working on as soon as you hit the books.

1. It’s Time To Start Waking Up At The Asscrack of Dawn

This is when shit gets done. If you’re the type of person who loves to languish about until noon then you deserve a crowded grocery store and that sleep-in headache/joint ache combo that only lazy people get to enjoy. Early to bed, early to rise, mofos.

2. Make That Nine Hours

Oh, you help your kid with their homework? That’s ADORABLE. You can’t build character without struggle, so go struggle with those times tables while mommy gets dinner ready with that extra hour. We leave the Pinterest-perfect shoebox dioramas to the other moms.

3. Sandwiches Sprinkled With Love

Why did you even have children if you didn’t want to make beautiful bento box creations with the entire Taj Mahal sculpted out of sticky rice? I mean, I guess you can whine about it. IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.

4. I’d Rather Spend Money On School Supplies Than Bronzer

I’m so sorry if your name starts with a ‘V’ and ends with an “E” and rhymes with Shmalerie and you would rather spend money on mascara and slut paint. The rest of us actually care about our children’s preparedness for the school year. Crayola is way cheaper than Sephora anyway, just sayin’.

5. My Kid’s Taste In Clothing Is Bitchin’

I don’t have a picky child. I have an awesome child who insists upon wearing black crushed velvet and lace overlay quarter-sleeve dresses paired with Doc Martens and galaxy leggings. Back to school time is the only time of year that I can justify buying this stuff, so I just sit back and enjoy her excellent taste in ’90s throwback clothing.

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