10 Strange Vintage Kids Ads That Will Give You The Creeps

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Was everyone back in the day on acid? Because that is the only thing that explains the sheer volume of crazy shenanigans that goes on in vintage ads. This is especially true for old fashioned ads with kids in them. It’s gotta be either acid or every child born between 1900 and 1970 creepy as hell. We’ve talked about this before, but since this is the gift that keeps on giving (thanks, 1960’s ad men!), here are 10 more creep-tastic vintage kids to haunt your nightmares.

10. Sinister Sesame Street

Sesame Street vintage ad

(Photo: terrible2z)

That kid is totally pointing on a map and saying “This is where you’re house is, and we’re coming to eat your SOUL!!!!”

9. You dirty boy!

(Photo: bamakve)

(Photo: bamakve)

Why is that old witch looking woman trying to ear-torture that poor kid. And why does she sound so gross doing it?

7. Whatever the hell this is

What the actual fuck is going on here? Whatever it is, it will haunt the hellish dreamscape that is my nocturnal dozing. What does this nightmarish fuckery have to do with grain and grass machinery?!

6. Insert Soylent Green Joke Here…

“Don’t worry, Billy, it’s not people…well, not anymore!”

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