The First Legit Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Wedding Detail Has Arrived

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brad pitt angelina jolie pitt weddingThe Jolie-Pitts sure are getting chatty about their wedding these days. Despite leaving us short on the date upon which can expect the Internet to explode and for every news outlet to run ticker updates on Angelina Jolie‘s dress details, Brad Pitt suggests they have no plans to rent out a castle or anything. Sad face, Brad.

The father of six, who is turning 50 next year, tells People magazine that he’s been enjoying lots of time with the fam:

“It’s been a family type of year, a down-home type of year,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Mama’s worked more. And quite frankly I’ve really enjoyed it.”

But in regards to the wedding, the Jolie-Pitts aren’t exactly looking to throw together an over the top affair and invite their 500 most beloved paparazzi friends:

“Just family,” Pitt says. “Keep it simple. Keep it simple – really.”

Granted, “simple” has the capacity to take on an entirely different manifestation with these two. I suppose we’ll see just how “simple” the Jolie-Pitt family opts for. If all of Versailles is being used as the wedding back drop or if Jolie’s dress is being fashioned solidly out of diamonds, I expect an upgrade to at least “elegant.”

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