This Kid Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Big Brother Is Pretty Much The Most Adorable Kid Ever

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This video is now my new jam because I cannot stop watching it and getting all teary eyed along with the absofreaking adorable Logan who finds out that he is going to be a big brother. When filming the video, they gave him a list of things that will be happening this year for him to read from, and his reaction when he gets to the big news is priceless. Priceless, I say! Check it:

[vimeo video=”89497362″]

This 11 year old gets some big news and his reaction is wonderful. from J Payne on Vimeo.

I love when he goes off camera and your hear a woman laughing because you can pretty much assume it was his mom and he went to go hug her. It’s so freakin’ cute I cannot stand it.

I don’t remember telling my older kids when I was pregnant and their reaction when they were told the BIG NEWS, but I’m sure they weren’t as touched as Logan was. This kid is pretty much the best. I think it’s safe to say he is going to be an amazing big brother.

There is just something about him I find so compelling and I hope his parents post more videos after the new baby arrives. I bet so much cuteness will go down. Congratulations Logan and parents, and thank you for sharing your exciting news with the world.

(Image: Vimeo)