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We Are Loving This ‘Boobs’ Breastfeeding Cover!

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Some women have no problem breastfeeding in public. For others, it takes a while to feel comfortable nursing your little one with other people around. And it doesn’t help when assholes make an issue of it, or ask you to move or cover-up. It’s seems as though we’re constantly hearing stories of women being asked/forced to nurse in bathroom stalls or cover their babies or toddlers with blankets. All because some prude is worried about catching a flash of boob. Which honestly, almost never happens! But if you need a little confidence to nurse in public, or you just like to annoy nosy-ass people, then this boobs breastfeeding cover is PERFECT.

The boobs breastfeeding cover can be used as a nursing cover, a swaddle, or even a lovey for your little ones. The best part? It’s literally covered in boobs.

We couldn’t love this more! And we’d love to see the look on some busybody’s face when they ask you to cover up, and you pull this blanket out with a flourish. Don’t want to see my boobs? Cool, have a gander at these bad boys!

Lindsay, the mom and owner of lot801, says the inspiration for the boob breastfeeding cover came to her after being asked to cover-up while nursing her 2nd baby.

According to Lindsay, she was at a wedding when her son Koda needed to be fed. So she sat in a corner of the room and nursed him. Lindsay says, “A woman walked over to me and said, ‘do you really think you should be feeding him here? Maybe you should go to the bathroom dear’. As much as I wanted to tell this woman off, I just chuckled and continued nursing. It was THIS night that I got the idea for The Baby Blanket.”

Lindsay sells blankets and burp cloths in the boob print, or you can get a bundle for $75.50. These make excellent baby shower and new baby gifts! They’re just boobs, and boobs look awesome on blankets.

(Image: Instagram/@lot801)