‘Royal Baby Gaga’ Breast Milk Ice Cream Will Make You Gag For So Many Reasons

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ice creamThere are lots of unconventional uses for breast milk, including as a weapon during the commission of a robbery, and as jewelry. The London based-ice cream company, The Licktators is offering yet another option for those who enjoy using breast milk for things other than feeding babies. They are releasing a breast milk flavored ice cream  in honor of the impending birth of the Duchess of Cambridge‘s second child. While it’s not for everyone, there’s nothing wrong with adults consuming breast milk. But the rational behind this creamy vanilla and  breast milk flavored treat may make you want to vomit all the same.

The Daily Mail reports that the donated breast milk is said to be hospital grade, but there’s no indication that the donors were aware what their breast milk was going to be used for. If I took the time to express breast milk while under the impression that I would be helping preemies or other infants in need when in reality my donation was used in a product most likely to be consumed by fetishists, adults who believe breast milk has the same magical healing properties as unicorn tears and frat boys who lost a bet, I’d be pretty pissed.

Royal Baby Gaga breast milk flavored ice cream was a concept brought to the company by Victoria Hiley, a vocal breastfeeding campaigner in the United Kingdom. She previously worked with The Licktators on a breast milk ice cream in 2011, but thought the royal birth was opportunity to relaunch the product and bring awareness to the fact that some mothers are still shamed for choosing to breast feed in public.

Although it’s wonderful that the profits from the sale of Royal Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream will go to a charity that helps support breast feeding mothers, Hiley’s judgment of mothers who don’t breast feed makes my stomach turn more than the thought of eating her ice cream. From the Daily Mail:

We thought the birth of a royal baby was a great time to whip up support for mums and say that when it comes to ice cream this summer, breast is best.

After all, what else would you give your young prince or princess?

While there are plenty of women who can’t or choose not to breastfeed that still support other’s rights to breastfeed in public, it would seem not all who breastfeed are likewise as supportive of the decision to use formula. It’s this type of one-sided hypocrisy that weakens what otherwise is a good cause.

Kate Middleton’s no stranger to being judged, so I doubt she’d care what others think about the way she chooses to feed her children. But if you’re pregnant or a new parent trying to decide it breast feeding is right for you, don’t let campaigns like this one make you feel bad. And if you decide to cheer yourself up with a treat, I suggest a bowl of good old fashioned ice cream– from a cow.

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